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Membership Subscription


The membership subscription is £3.00 per year or £15.00 for 5 years. The latter is not refundable. We also offer a £50 lifetime membership.


Because of our charitable status, the Society is able to benefit from Gift Aid on your subscriptions.


If you still have any specific queries, please email our Membership Secretary at











If you are  ready to proceed, you can download our application form Print it out, then complete and send it to the Membership Secretary by post at the address shown, with your cheque. You will then receive a membership pack including the current, detailed programme.


We hope very much that you will wish to join us!



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Data Protection Notice


Membership data:

  • is held an an Excel- compatible spreadsheet on password protected computers by the Membership Secretary and Treasurer

  • will not be provided to any person or organisation outside the Executive Committee and it's sub-committees, except as required by law (e.g. HMRC)

  • will be retained while subscriptions are paid. They shall then be put into a separate "suspense" storage unless requested otherwise

  • Gift Aid declarations will be retained indefinitely, as required by  HMRC



  • Members may request a copy of their data by applying to the Membership Secretary

  • Members may complain about the handling of their data by applying to the Secretary

  • The Society will respond within one month, and take no more than one month more to determine what to do and inform the complainant.